Elect Laura Flores Macom For Judge - 45th District Court



What experience do you have that qualifies you for this position?

With experience in family law and insurance defense, I will be amply prepared for the majority of cases I will see as the judge of the 45th Judicial District Court. However, what sets me apart from the other candidates is my extensive experience in more complex technical litigation. Judges with this level of experience tend to stay in their benches longer than those without such valuable experience. Opposing counsel in one of my cases suggested I run for this position. I think this speaks to the reputation I have in the local legal community for my legal knowledge and skills as well as my commitment to fundamental fairness and justice for all. I have already received the endorsements of local legends Frank Herrera and Pat Maloney, Jr. I will also receive strong bipartisan support which is not likely to be offered to any other candidate in this race on either side of the ballot.

I realize that a successful candidate is not only made up of legal experience, but also life experiences. To that end, I’d like to tell you what I do besides practicing law. I married my high school sweetheart, Carl, and we celebrated our twenty-fifth wedding anniversary last year. We are the proud parents of two daughters, Sarah and Perry. Both girls are graduates of Incarnate Word High School. Sarah is a graduate of Loyola University New Orleans and Perry is a student at UTSA. My community activities include past service on the Board of the San Antonio Women’s Chamber of Commerce and the Parent-Teacher Club of Incarnate Word High School. I was proud to serve as the 2008 Chair of the Women’s Chamber. I was also a founding member of the Board of the Women’s Pavilion at Hemisfair Park. I am an active member of Our Lady of Grace Parish where I served as the Safe Environment Coordinator for many years, a CCD catechist for several years, a member of ACTS Core, the 2012 Women’s ACTS director, an ACTS co-director, an ACTS and TACTS spiritual companion, a lector, a member of the RCIA team, and the founding coordinator of the Adult Bible Study program. These experiences show my long-term commitment to serving my community.

Why the Pink and Blue for your campaign colors?

The pink honors the first woman to be named a District Court Judge in Bexar County-- Hon. Carol Habermann. She presided over the 45th for twenty-five years. It also honors her successor Hon. Barbara Nellermoe, who has sat on the bench for twelve years. Both are outstanding Democratic women who served with distinction and honor as jurists. I'm committed to carrying on their historic legacy as the next Democratic woman judge of the 45th. It also honors the many women attorneys who fought so hard over the years so that my colleagues and I could have a seat at counsel table and the bench. Finally, it honors the future-- our daughters and granddaughters who should be treated with respect for their achievements and judged objectively by their own merits and qualifications.

 The blue represents not only the Democratic Party but the solid blue history of the 45th. Each and every one of the judges in this court has been a Democrat.

 So with your help, let's keep the 45th Pink and Blue!

Why do you think you are more qualified than most to be fair and balanced as a judge?

As a lifelong Democratic woman, I come from a strong heritage of a family committed to the principles of the Democratic Party. In fact, my maternal grandfather, Humberto C. "Beto" Flores was among a group of several Latino businessman that financed the first city council race for our legendary Congressman Henry B. Gonzales. I spent a large amount of my career working with very conservative law firms and throughout these experiences, I have developed a very balanced judicial perspective, and strong bipartisan support. This unique disposition gives me the skills and experience necessary to hear the wide range of civil matters which come before the 45th Judicial District Court.

Cases brought before the 45th Judicial Court can be both complex and broad. How are you prepared to handle those cases?

My experience as a solo practitioner has given me a wide array of experience within family matters, small local businesses, as well as individuals. I am very committed to fundamental fairness for all litigants, regardless of the case. My many years of legal experience within firms and as a briefing attorney with the Dallas Court of Appeals has given me various experience, specifically within very complex and technical cases, including numerous bench trials, arbitrations, and appeals. Whatever the matter may be, I will bring my vast experience and knowledge as well as my ongoing commitment to justice for all litigants with every case that comes before the court.